Greeting a sign of welcome, an expression of goodwill in oneself,to enhance some more knowledge in students Ira International school organised a talk for Ukg, 1 and 2. The resource person was Mrs. Amrita Wankhede who is known for her art and expertise in pre- primary teachers training. Mrs. Amrita highlighted the importance of greeting and respecting others through a PPT presentation on various ways of greetings people of different countries such as Japan, France, Phillipines, Tibet, Nigeria, Thailand, China, Botswana, USA, Mongolia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia,and India.

Mrs.Amrita discussed Greetings like Hello, Ni Hau, Banjou, Namaste, As salam wale kum, Mano, Wai ect with the students as the students performed. This was followed by a gaming round Dumcharads and rapid fire quiz. Mrs. Amrita emphasised more on Why should we greet? Whom we should greet? And How we should greet? Over all the students thoroughly enjoyed the session, learnt greeting culture alongwith them to take home and to greet their elders as it gives them feeling of welcome and a sense of belonging.

Principal, Mrs.Reena Dargan thanked Mrs. Amrita for conducting a fun filled session for the tiny tots. Mrs. Amrita was welcomed and introduced by Mrs. Sanskruti Desai.



Workshop on Adolescence

Dr Nitin Bhalerao from Indorama Synthetics India Limited was invited to Ira International School to conduct a talk on Nurturing Adolescent .

Dr Nitin Bhalerao spoke to class VII on Adolescents, Mental and Physical Health. Dr Bhalerao explained students about puberty and adolescence. In his talk he discussed various problems of adolescence like nutrition, sexual and reproductive health problems leading to HIV/ AIDS, menstrual hygiene, accidents, violence, substance misuse and keeping away from alcohol smoking, tobacco and drugs for a healthy life.

Dr Bhalerao also discussed mental health issues like depression leading to suicides. Dr Bhalerao explained about the current adolescence health care polices implemented in Maharashtra like ARSH, similar polices exist in Nigeria for adolescence as students there also face similar health problem.

Dr Bhalerao continued that school health programmes are reviewed after each five years. The students came up with all their varied range of questionnaire as. What is childhood diabetes? 

How do HIV and AIDS attack ones health? How can one prevent HIV and AIDS etc. It was a great learning experience and an informative discussion on students behalf. 

Principal Mrs Reena Dargan thanked Dr Nitin Bhalerao for briefing the students and imparting authentic knowledge to learners about Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health development issues leading to responsible behaviour among students. School’s Social Science teacher Mrs Jyotsna Shukla is working on this projects. Sir was welcomed and introduced by Mrs Prajakta Kajgika


River Pollution and River Rejuvenation

Ira International School conducted its British Council International School award Project lecture recently in the school on the topic River Pollution and River Rejuvenation.

The talk was given by Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Professor of Civil Engineering department, VNIT. The talk emphasized the polluted rivers of India. The main point discussed in the topic was the availability of water on earth and how much could be used, how much was drinkable and how much amount of water is contaminated.

Mr. Gupta said rivers in India are a great source of water for most of important needs of the citizens especially for drinking, farming and hydroelectric power plants. However 2/3 of the rivers in India are all contaminated and cannot be used for any purpose. The causes of river contamination was discussed and also how human interference affected the aquatic life.

Students were made aware of how contaminated water when used in farming adversely affects the health of the consumer.

Mr. Gupta earnestly explained river rejuvenation to the student, the students were also introduced to river restoring concepts and improper management of waste and garbage. 

This scientific talk concluded by discussing the role of the government, the rules which they have established to save rivers, the norms and others laws passed on different environmental acts and role of every citizen in this endangered environmental factor “The River”.

Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan thanked Mr. Gupta for briefing the students. School’s Science teacher Mrs. Neelakshi Thombre is working on this river projects. Sir was welcomed and introduces by Mrs. Prajakta Kajgikar.


Doctor's Day

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“ An apple a day keeps the doctor away“ even though the phrase makes us aware of healthy habits but these healthy habits are always suggested and prescribed by the angles whom we call doctors.

To recognize and appreciate the doctors contribution in keeping us fit and healthy Ira International School celebrated Doctor’s Day.

The hospitals in Butibori premises were visited by our kids and the doctors were presented greetings as a token of salute to their hard work and profession which makes each patient to bring hope back to live life enthusiastically.

Under the guidance of respected Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan the following students Aditya Rajput, Aditya Mishra, Labhesh Feya, Krishna Jaiswal, Nidhi Mhaiskey participated along with the teachers Annapurna Choudhari and Satish Shewade.

Khelo India Workshop

To assess the fitness level of school-going children and identify future sporting stars. Khelo India, Regional Level, Training of Trainers Programme was hosted by Ira International School Butibori planned by CBSE. 

The resource person was Mr. Rodney Leo, senior teacher of physical education of the school and Total 60 delegates from different school attended the workshop.

It is the first time that CBSE has taken up such a structured and scientific-designed programme in sports Sir Leo explained the basics “The aim of the fitness application is to create greater awareness about fitness and sports among youngsters and also to identify the potential sporting champions across India”.

Sir explained the set of mandatory tests, named Battery tests for different age group (for 5-8 years), (for 9-14 years), (for 15-18 years) will be performed by schools with two purposes in mind - fitness assessment and sports skills assessment for identifying future talent. Core tests, body mass index (BMI) for monitoring height and weight, ‘Flamingo Balance Test’ ,‘Plate Tap test’ , a 50-metre race from standing start position to check speed, a 600-metre run or a walk to check endurance, a ‘sit and reach’ test using a box to check flexibility, ability to do ‘partial curls’ for 30 seconds to check core strength and push-ups for boys and modified push-ups for girls to check muscular Sir Leo remarked, The government will identify athletic children and get them play multiple sports matching their interest Sir Leo explained the Khelo India Mobile App, developed by Sports Authority of India (SAI), helps assess the fitness levels of school-going children through a series of tests.

Lastly Sir Leo explained the do’s and don’ts, preparing of assessment, safety measures, list of equipments, procedure of test, preparing of school data and submission of data. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Prajakta Kajgikar.

Child and Nutrition workshop

Ira International School and Sugar Plum together organized  a workshop on  “ Child and Nutrition”to bring awareness among the young mothers which is the need of the hour.

Mrs.Prajakta. G. Sadachar a practicing Nutritionist and Dietician was invited to speak to mothers’ of classes Nursery to class II.  Nearly hundred mothers attended the workshop.  Mrs. Prajakta advised mothers to prepare a rainbow chart day wise for their kids.  Use of seasonal fruits and veggies should not be ignored & food should be prepared at home. Mothers were categorically advised that junk food should  not  be the option as the kids demand. She also briefed mothers on items  that should be avoided like pickles, sauces, papad. 

Nutritional cereals like Jawar, Bhagar,Nachani etc to be given to the children.  Mother were also informed that every six months they should  consult with the pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist  and also cross check child’s height and weight. Mrs.Prajakta solved the mothers queries. The workshop was indeed the best approach towards improving diet and health of a School going child and wasappreciated by the mothers.Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan thanked the resource person for sharing the most important information with the audience.