We will not teach the children to be compete; we will teach them to cooperate. We will not teach them to fight and come first. We will teach them to be creative, to be loving, to be blissful, without any comparison with the other. We will not only teach them but, will nurture the seeds of creativity by collaboration. We extract creative side of our students and paint their hands with colors and glitters.

News & Events From IRA




14 September is celebrated as Hindi Day in whole India. Hindi has always been a respectable language on the world panel. Hindi language pronunciation is considered a scientific language based on the place, every letter of which is written as it is spoken. Hindi language also works to connect India with artistic forms in different forms. Hindi language can be presented in entertaining form due to its different genres. Some intellectual students of our school have presented different genres on the basis of their consciousness for Hindi Diwas, a glimpse of their skills and expressed their respects towards Hindi language by wishing all over India on Hindi Day.


Inter school Best out of waste 2020 Competition


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“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, this was proved so true when as every year Ira International School organized its Annual “Best Out of Waste” competition. This year the competition was organized on 31st January 2020 & theme was “ Nurture creativity and let it blossom beautifully. Best out of waste with old plastic items and jute”. The idea behind organizing the competition is to stimulate and encourage the creative talent and develop interest of the students and to convert waste materials into useful products by using cost free items and use of recyclable things. The competition was open to students of classes I-IX. 764 students from 27 schools of Nagpur participated in the competition . 

The competitors were divided into 4 categories. Category A for class 1, was asked to make a creative bowl, Category B for class2 and 3, students had to make a creative pen holder, Category C classes 4,5 and 6, the item was A creative wall hanging, Category D for classes 7th, 8th and 9th, were asked to make a creative flower vase.

A variety of reusable and recyclable materials and waste items like old news paper, tissue paper, bangles, jute rope, ice-cream stick, lace, sequences, beads, ribbons, wires, bangles, caps and straws,Card board, Paper plates, spoons disposable glass, Pens and refills, Old CDs, DVDs Tooth picks, match box, matchsticks, Dry Pista shell, foil paper, Jute rope, Plastic bottles, Strings etc were used to give shape to the varied items .

Students used their imagination and creativity to make innovative things. All these things which are waste in our day to day life were used in constructive manner and variety of things were made from them.

All the categories of the participants were separately judged by the judges, Ms. Shilpa Joshi and Ms. Kunda Zade who have excelled in the field of Fine arts, Arts & Craft.

Each of the creative item prepared by the students was a treat to the eyes The creative hands and imaginary minds came together in a creative burst of energy beyond expectation. This also made the selection process extremely difficult for the judges. The teachers of participating schools accompanying the students got to share their artistic talent as they too had a great time participating in drawing especially arranged for them by Mrs. Pragati Gawade, In charge of the event. 

As every year Students of Ira International school participated separately in Best Out of Waste in their CCA period and were judged separately. The Participating students were given return gifts as a token of appreciation.

Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan thanked the participating schools and their principals for their active participation and support for the competition. President of the School, Mrs. Rimple Lohia congratulated the staff of Ira for conducting the competition successfully.


SPORTS DAY 2019-20

A day filled with fervour, sportsmanship, excitement, and cheers amongst the four houses red,blue, green and yellow Ira International School hostedits Sports Meet on the 3 rd December 2019 based on the theme conservation of resources, the five elements Agni, Jal, Prithvi, Akash and Vayu well described. The Chief Guest for the day Mr.Subhash Rewatkar, Deputy Director Sports Youth and Service, Nagpur was welcomed by the school captain. The host of Dignitaries graced the occasion. The sports meet opened with the lightning of the torch, release of the balloons and pigeons. The torch was carried by the National State Level Hockey player Ms Prerna Bodke, Ms Himanshi Gawande, Ms Sharvari Kumbhare and Ms Jyuthika Bodke, Boys Hockey team under 15 Mst Sai Tulankar secured third position at divisional level, Mst Jaidev Nair100mt athlete event divisional level, Mst Aman Dhyani secured second place in long jump district level, Mst Ankit Dwiwedi second place in district level Javeline Throw, Mst Aditya Sharma first place in Javeline Throw district level , Ms Anjali Barewar under 14 played for CBSE tournament divisional and district level, Mst Kaushik Ingole under 14 secured place in DPS interschool tournament and third position at Achievers interschool football championship and reached to quarterfinals at reliance football tournament. Ms Trisha Pendam under 14 is in the second position at the achievers interschool football tournament, Mst Malhar Gawade played for under 17 football winner of the interschool district level football tournament and Mst Aditya Yadav under 19 football team the runner up at school game federation of India. Lastly the torch was carried by Ms Himanshi Gawande the under 17 Khelo India khelo champ.

The students participated impressively in the various drills and displayed a wide array of colourful and vibrant events. Therapeutic Yoga and Suryanamaskar by the V and VI, Class I and II performed the Mass PT on Lezim and Dumb bells ClassVII and VIII showed their skill on Zumba and Bokwa. Races for different distances were Balancing jungle, Balance Diet Race, Jelly fish Race, Dove race, planting trees, Tricycle Race and yoga station. The students mesmerised the audience with their energetic performances. Christmas was celebrated by sugar plum students.March past increased the grace of the event performed by all the four houses of school. The discipline trophy was given to the red and the blue house, the CCA trophy was bagged to the yellow house, Themarch mast and the over all trophy was bagged by the green house.

Dr.Lavneet Kaur Randhava, Mr.Surendra Ugale and Mr.Saikat Joardar judged the drills. The Chief Guest distributed the prizes to the winners, In his address he stated to all the children to be part of games along with their studies and to physically and mentally stay healthy.The School’s President Mrs Rimple Lohia congratulated and applauded the students effort for putting up a fantastic show. Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan declared the meet closed and read out the note of thanks. Sheadvised the children to keep up their sportsman spirit and wished all the best for their upcoming ventures.Lastly the school band left the audience enthralled.

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Poster Making Competition


Ira International School participated in Science Carnival “ Explorica “ at Bishop Cotton School recently. The students took part in all the four category’s of event as Poster making, Debate, Model making and Power Point Presentation.

Sanskar Murle and Nandan Dhanjode bagged the second position in the poster making where they received 1000 rupees as cash prize, certificate n trophy. Principal Mrs. Reena Dargan congratulated the students on their achievement. The students were guided by Mr. Gajendra Choudhary.


SPELLING BEE 2019-2020

Spelling Bee an endeavour to instill love for words into kids also creating awareness of the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression, adding words to the active vocabulary of students. Ira International School conducted its fourteenth Interschool Spelling Bee Competition on 8 th August 2019 on it 26 th Foundation Day at Vasantrao Deshpande Hall....More


International Yoga Day

It was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline in students and teachers as on the occasion of International Yoga Day, Ira International School students performed various yoga asana like the Pranayam, Vajrasana, Supta - Vajarasana, Bhujangasana, Shalbhasana, Ardha- Shalphasna and others under the guidance of the sports teacher Mr. Shahid Bux and Ms Sneha Kamble . The students got the chance to know how Yoga embodies unity of mind and body.

The students and teachers thanked Mrs. Reena Dargan, the principal for inculcating Yoga practice in them to understand the purpose of life.

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“Students Farewell”


The students of Ira International School class ix and xi bid a farewell to their seniors x and xii during a farewell party recently. A farewell party was organized at school premises where all the seniors and juniors had a lot of fun together. The seniors received a warm welcome by the juniors as they entered wearing elegant attire.

The programme began with the juniors performances. The juniors enthusiastically performed songs on pepi numbers for the seniors. The programme then was followed with the group dance performances where the juniors gave outstanding performances on traditional and modern Hindi movies songs. The School authority created an ambiance of enjoyment and music for the students to enjoy their last memories in the school by arranging a musical troupe performed by the Taurance Academy they also sang the good bye songs which again created an ambiance full with emotions. Further, the students danced on the tune of the DJ music had a delicious dinner and clicked selfie at the selfie zone created by the juniors. 

As the performances were so splendid, it followed with the title distribution as Singing sensation, Mr Cool, Proud Lion and Master Decent. 

Principal Mrs Reena Dargan guided the students and asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence . Other faculty members wished all the students luck and well being for their future endeavours. The programme was anchored by Master Prajwal Kamble, Shamitha Shetty and Bharati Israni. The vote of thanks was proposed by Tanya Tripathi under the guidance of Ms Thelma Soloman and Mrs Prajakta Kajgirekar . Every child is potentially the light of the world and Ira is going to miss them.


Best Out of Waste 2019

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