We have always adhered in providing the best facilities for all our students. The facilities that we provide includes:-


The school provides education belonging to socially disadvantaged, underprivileged and weaker section of the society. RTE says that school reserves a quarter of their seats for these underprivileged students.


The school’s sick room is equipped to deal with all types of minor casualties and emergencies. A trained medical attendant is available all time for imparting first-aid. If your child suffers from an ailment which will affect his/her participation in daily activities, it is essential that the school be informed from time to time. Please ensure the school is kept informed about the medicines to which your children are allergic.


The school’s air conditioned computer laboratory has latest multimedia computers. It provides internet facility to the students. The school has highly qualified teachers to train the students of class I to XII at working comfortably with the computers.


The library is the nerve of the school. The school is keen to inculcate among its pupils regular reading habits. A liberal provision has been made for suitable reading material in the library. Well equipped with more than 5000 books on all the subjects including the latest encyclopedias, discs, video cassettes, the library is a welcome place where, the children resort to keep themselves abreast with the various developments of different subject. The library subscribes to daily newspapers I English and Hindi and 25 magazines. The facility is always encouraged to update this unit with fresh arrivals and rare old ones, to inculcate in students a love for books and knowledge. The students are also encouraged to borrow books and periodicals from the library for their reading habits. The librarian conducts various inter and intra school competitions to encourage reading among students. Each class has its own library to inculcate the habit of reading in students.

School Counselor:-

The school counselor assists the students in all the areas at all the levels. She listens to the students concerns about the academic, emotional and social issues. She helps the students to understand their problems, helps them to form goals and ways to achieve them. She acts as a mediator between students, parents and teachers.

  • She plans motivational sessions for students as well as parents and teachers.

  • Deals with adolescent crises, Exam stress & several everyday problems and difficulties.



The school practices inclusive education practice. The special educator lends a supportive hand to those children who have special learning needs. Children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, children with borderlines or below average learning abilities, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficits, autism are catered for their progress at the school with the guidance of the special educator. Parents are advised to get their kids tested by Psychologist. Their copy of reports is kept in school which enables to form the students ILP [Individual Learning Plan].

  • The counselor and special educator



Physical fitness and mental development go hand in hand. The school stands on 10 acres comprise a specious play field, developed with football, volleyball and basketball courts, Khokho and a two hundred meter running track. Children stay back after school to receive special training.


Co-curricular activities are very important for the overall development of a child. We help in nurturing the future of our students by arranging co-curricular activities like interschool, CCA.


Torrins is an online-offline Music Education Programme. It is a 10 year old US based Music Company in partnership with Ehsaan Noorani (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fame) They have introduce in India a novel music education program custom-developed for schools. We at school offer piano, drums, and vocal training to our students of classes I to

Core objective is to impart formal music education to children. The program is designed with the aim of building confidence, empathy, imagination, focus, and team skills in children.

The program is delivered using a combination of classroom-based (offline) instruction by trained instructors, and online sessions via web-based application.